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Body Treatment

At our Massage Retreat, you can find a safe space for your body to relax and heal, trusting a variety of our professional services.

  • Mud Mask Power Mint

    Mud Mask Power Mint

    Our mud masks improve the circulation of blood on your face, cleanse your skin, remove dirt and impurities. After a mud mask, your skin will feel refreshed - brighter and tighter! To provide for an aromatic experience, we include power mint in our masks.   

  • Body Scrub

    Body Scrub

    We use traditional techniques to cleanse the skin of your body. We rub in high-quality natural plant-based products. Your skin will be exfoliated and hydrated leaving it cleaner and softer after the procedure. 

  • Detox Body Wrap

    Detox Body Wrap

    This procedure involves applying healing products all over your body, like a body-mask. Afterwards, you will be wrapped up in plastic and covered with a blanket. This process detoxifies your body and ensures that you will utilize the entire healing spectrum of our products.

  • Waxing


    We provide a variety of waxing services on different zones including eyebrow shaping, chin, upper lip, underarm, arms, legs, back, bikini and Brazillian.