Head Spa

The ultimate treatment for your hair and scalp

Our custom head spa programs address a variety of needs ranging from dry scalp, itchy scalp, oily scalp, clogged follicles, irritation, thin hair, and hair loss. Only the best quality organic products are used in your healing journey. Our techniques are designed and used to fit your scalp and hair concerns. Enjoy complete relaxation in one of our private head spa rooms featuring cushy ergonomic recliners that extend into a flatbed. There we provide deep cleaning, detoxicating massages, blood circulation stimulation. We believe that the health of your hair is a reflection of your scalp, like plants in soil.

Our process

Scalp Analysis

Step 1. Scalp Analysis

Before any work starts, we take the time to analyze the details of your scalp. We take professional pictures of it to help you see the difference before and after your treatment.


Step 2. Aromatherapy

To ensure the complete relaxation of your body and spirit, we utilize a variety of natural plant-based oils. Our high-quality oils bring many healing qualities to the table.


Step 3. Micro-Mist

We use advanced technological processes to swell your hair and open its cuticles. Micro-mist moisturizes and conditions your hair with microscopic droplets that circulate around your head. 

Massage & Shampoo

Step 4. Massage & Shampoo

We follow up the procedure with a gentle head massage that soothes the nerves. While doing so we also wash your hair with a special shampoo, delicately removing all imperfections. 

Organic Hair Treatment Mask

Step 5. Organic Hair Treatment Mask

After your head has been massaged and washed, we apply a special organic hair treatment mask that provides long lasting benefits. 

Herbal Tea Ritual

Step 6. Herbal Tea Ritual

To stay true with traditions, we finish our procedure with a ritual herbal tea, that helps bring the whole experience together.